Services & Specialties

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Local Authorities

Mark Murphy Consultancy (MMConsult) is available to carry out:

  • Bridge Inspections
  • Bridge Load Assessments
  • Bridge Replacement and Strengthening Schemes
  • Weir and Fish Pass Inspections
  • Weir and Fish Pass Remedial Work Schemes
  • Retaining Wall and Bank Protection Works Schemes
  • Procurement
  • Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)
  • Project Management
  • Project Supervision

on behalf of Local Authorities and also to assist existing Road Design teams within the Local Authorities.

Engineering Consultancies

MMConsult is available to complement and assist existing Design Teams

    • Involvement at planning and tender stage
    • Can fully integrate into existing design teams
    • Inspection & Assessment programme execution
    • Structural Design
    • Project Management
    • Staff guidance
    • Practical approach
    • Reliable
    • 3rd part Liaison capability
    • Confined Spaces Certified
    • Resident Engineer

Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

MMConsult is available to carry out TII Eirspan Principal Inspections and Routine Inspections of all bridge structures and input the recorded data onto the TII Eirspan Database.

Engineering Contractors

MMConsult is available to carry out pre and post inspections and assessments of Highway structures for all types of Road schemes. MMConsult can also carry out Condition Surveys of Residential and Commercial Properties.